Serving in the Holy Altar is a very special privilege and honor. The altar is a place where Christ is always present both spiritually and physically in the amnos, or consecrated bread, that is kept there constantly. Wherever Christ is present, the angels are also present, praising Him and ready to serve Him in whatever way is needed.

When in the altar, the altar server too is surrounded by these invisible angels and even more,  he also represents them in a visible way. It is his duty to serve the priest in any way that might be needed. The robes that he wears represents the glory of the angels and of heaven; the sash that crosses his back represents the wings of angels; the candles that he carries during the entrances represent the light of God which follows wherever he is; and when he processes with the priest during the Small and Great Entrances he represent the angels escorting Christ. 

Altar Groups for 2016-2017

The Altar groups for 2016-2017 have been posted. Please click the image below to download the groups and schedule.